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Experience the Thrill of Aviation


You, too, can experience the Thrill of Aviation - that feeling that can only come when you are in command of an aircraft

 as it speeds down the runway and leaps into the air!


Night flight

Imagine the feeling of being able to fly anywhere you wanted - the time you could save and the scenery you could see that simply is not available to those unfortunate people stuck on the ground.

Take your flight training on Oregon's beautiful South Coast. The Bandon State Airport (KS05) is only minutes from the beach and just 6 miles from the world-famous Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

Flight Training increases your confidence and adds to your general enjoyment of life.  Earn your wings in Oregon.
Flight students can train for your Private or Commercial certificates or your Instrument Rating. You will learn to fly and operate safely in real conditions but with a small town atmosphere that provides each student with individual attention.